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Big Brother. Bones. Community. Doctor Who. Glee. Finding Carter. Happy Endings. Haven. Homeland. Misfits. My Mad Fat Diary. Once Upon a Time. One Tree Hill. Pretty Little Liars. Shameless. Skins. SLiDE. Switched at Birth. Teen Wolf. The 100. Victorious.

Past: Dead Like Me. Degrassi [s2-4]. Everwood. Friends. Gilmore Girls. Grey’s Anatomy [s1-3]. Heroes. LOST. The OC [s4]. Veronica Mars.

Ships: : Bay/Emmett. Bellamy/Octavia. Blair/Serena. Booth/Brennan. Brennan/Angela. Britta/Annie. Brittany/Santana. Brooke/Haley. Cinna/Katniss. Demi/Selena. Dianna/Lea. Gabby/Mandy. Hil/Joy. Hodgins/Angela. Jack/Rose. Jackson/Lydia. Jane/Brad. Jess/Rory. Jesse/Rachel. Jim/Pam. John/Jenna. Jon/Lea. Kurt/Rachel. Lincoln/Octavia. Logan/Veronica. Lucas/Hanna. Luke/Lorelai. Miley/Lilly. Nathan/Audrey. Peyton/Haley. Quinn/Rachel. Rich/Grace. Roger/Mimi. Rumplestiltskin/Belle. Ryan/Taylor. Santana/Rachel. Sawyer/Kate. Spencer/Ashley. Ten/Rose. Toby/Spencer. Tony/Michelle. Troy/Britta. Will/Emma.

Celebs: Anna Kendrick. Bethany Joy Lenz. Britney Haynes. Dan Gheesling. Dani Donato. Demi Lovato. Dianna Agron. Emilie De Ravin. Emily Deschanel. Gillian Jacobs. Jayma Mays. John Krasinski. Jonathan Groff. Lea Michele. Liz Gillies. Naya Rivera. Neda Kalantar. Selena Gomez. Troian Bellisario.

- DO NOT: Add me first. If you add first I WILL NOT add you back.
- DO NOT: Add me without commenting here, if you do so I WILL NOT add you back.
- Don't hesitate to try though.

As of 3/17/10, my journal entries have been purged. Which is why you will see I hardly have any entries in the time I have had this account. So I am active.

Peyton: I'm so tired of everybody leaving. You know, they all have really great reasons but it still hurts. So I guess I’ve been taking out all my anger on you cause... You’re the only one who’s come back. Welcome home.

- One Tree Hill
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